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.:Nom Nom Lish:. Everything Avatar Store – OPENING SOON!

That’s right, the adorable will soon be on sale! Everything from Shapes With full style cards, Skins, Tattoos, Brands, Make-up and more! Here is a little sneak peek into what you can expect to find!

IN OTHER NEWS!! Shapes By Aravalli is closing so EVERYTHING in their store is 50% Off! Things as low as 25L! Here’s the TP:


You Can Never be too Old to Play in the Rain…

Hey there you cute lil buttons!! I thought I’d play in the rain a little bit and threw this look together. The skin is, of course, the Newest Al Vulo that I picked up at the Private Room (before its first shut down… talk about drama… it’s reopened though.) The Shape is my own, and for sale at Shapes by Aravalli – Donna Shape. All the Other Fashion Details are down below! Love and Hugs!

Shirt: Retro Penguin T-Shirt

Rain Boots: Miel Puddle Boots

Socks: Ronsem Double Socks

Skirt: Style X Mini Skirt

Collar: Fet!sh

Rawr and Stuff!

So who doesn’t like a really freaking cute simple tee-shirt?! I know I do… and Domo Ku  is Epic. (Fun fact #1: I have a breathing AO on and it makes Domo’s Mouth open in close… entertainment for hours my friends.) And so of course I had to throw together an outfit for our friend Domo (that includes the Gummie bear tongue! Win!)… here you go! ❤

Skin – Al Vulo May Fever

Earrings – GoK – Cross Earring Black

TonkTastic – Dogtags

Shapes by Aravalli – Kierah II

::.rb.:: Bear Tongue

{Anomaly} – Double Finger Crucifix – Copper

Boots – AMD Snuggies White *black

Hair – [e] Quirky Brown 9

Tee – Domo Kun Shirt

Ronsem Double Socks Pink

CoXi Mini Skirt Jeans with Belt

Welcome to “Nom Nom Lish!”

Om Nom nom D’Lish!

Well I thought I’d throw together another blog with a more specific focus. I personally find that no matter what sort of fashion design/look I toss together I never stray too far from simply ADORABLE! So, it makes perfect sense that I’m now doing a blog -just- for the more adorable, cute. sweet, simple “squeeee” looks! From Shapes/Skins/Hair/Eyes to Accessories/Toys/Poses and of course right down to the Fashion, everything is going to make you want to wrap your arms right around your computer screen with a huge cheeky grin (or that’s the goal at least)!

Let’s kick it off right with one of my favorite Skin stores when it comes to looking plain ol’ Nom Nom!


That’s right, all their skins are pale toned, flawless, adorable! I’ve played with several of my own shapes (Shapes by Aravalli) and pretty much any of my shapes fit perfectly (which isn’t the case for most Skins to be honest. It’s VERY easy to get a stunning skin and ruin it with a horrible shape)… but its Much harder to do with an Amitomo! If you’re looking to put together a child Avatar or want a youthful fresh looking pale skin, this is certainly the place to go.

What better way to show you JUST how adorable it can be:

The Dress: (Four Corners) ::[u.f.o}:sailor reira dress – navy

The Skin: <amitomo> Bella skin

The Shape: Shapes By Aravalli – Kierah II

The Brow: DAMNED

The Eyes: <amitomo> B.B. Eye Sky Blue

The Bow: Pink Love Candy Bow

The Hair: Milana Roots – Lynn

The Pose: (FREE) (amitomo) thank you Group gifts – Poses – Waa Pose

The Boots: (Four Corners) eleanor rigby. combats in floral