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Finally found it!

So I walk into the shop and i see the ring collar from a mile away! It’s FINALLY something I have from SL that I own in RL too and I love it! ❤



Time for a Fashion Review!

I know it’s been a while, and it’s because I’ve been so busy with the store and with some editing. I’ll be getting some work done with my fashion reviews whenever I can. For now, here is a little Fashion to kick start a shopping spree. This is a NEW NEW Total look by Irresistable Design. It’s a complete look from outfit to shoes. All I’ve added is a little touch of punk with the Half Stocking from SX. Enjoy.

Outfit: Urban Girl – Look 83 – Irresistable Designs And [SX] Half Stockings Black

Skin: .::Mother Goose’s MiChi III(B)1teeth

Hair: [e] Changes – Rich Browns

Shape: My Own but coming soon to Nom Nom Lish!


When You Finally Make that Perfect Shape…

Then EVERY damn skin you have or try on you want to wear! I LOVE when you strike gold!

Left to Right, Lines from Up to down:


Bomi (Favorite)

Michi III B (Favorite)

Trudy III
Michi III (And my Final Favorite)


There Is something satisfying about finding that ideal shape, and let me tell you. I feel sorry for my Linden because kiss it goodbye at this rate, I LOVE every SKIN I get my hands on now! lol


((PS Ladies, MOST of those Skins are from the PRIZE BOARDS in the MotherGoose Store!))

The Post Apocalypse PS Series…

The Post Apocalypse Theme Set!

They all are nice and laid out! Enjoy! (I’ll add more to this post as I get the pictures done, this is going to be a BIG one so keep and Eye out!!)