Coming Soon to Nom Nom Lish… Grrr ZOMBIES!

Yeah, Home from my Random ass trip to vegas! I went to SHOT Show and oh my goodness, I’m on a Zombie kick now, so be expecting some kick ass Zombie themed things to come at the Store. (I held an AR at SHOT show with a Bayonet attachment that was a Mini Chain saw… for zombies, Of course!) It was amazing, but I missed you all and I missed making stuffs so I’m BACK! Also I’m finished with that new shape as well so that will be up in the store in the next few days!

Here is the first of many Zombie Themed Wear: “Hot Zombie” Tank:

It comes with multi Layer Options (The longer bottom for the tank “Police Line” Has multi layer options as well. I’ll be making it in several color options. It will be out in the store this week as well!)

Hope you like! And if you have any requests for Zombie themed wear in the store, Hit me up on Flicker or leave a comment below!





New at Nom Nom annnnnd coming soon!

Out and ready for your crazy naughty style or some awesome RP to earn the look! :


And coming soon!: “Old School” Baseball cut tees!

Sharing some Edits!

LOVE love LOVE this Skin/Shape Combo (All the information is in my store – Trinity Shape) So I thought I’d do a little photo editing with her… Then of course, I snatched my avatar and did a little edit of her as well… what can I say, I’m obsessed!



(The Above is of course the Raw Shot)


And here is “Kira”… all of me… lmao!!


New TATTOOS @ Nom Nom Lish!

New @ Nom Nom Lish – Blindfolds and Gags?! Naughty!

Yup Yup, Made you some fun little attachments! Blindfolds and Gags! Have a Lookie:



And Lastly, another FREE FREE FREE Group Gift to be had! Three Eyes! One is special made by request, a “demon” eye, the other two are unique colors a Play on Blue eyes, and a Rainbow effect!


Heres what you need to get shopping: 30/176/2501